Handbook EntryEdit

"The alternating current (AC) engine, like its DC cousin, requires a redstone signal to perform. However, this one needs an alternating signal, best supplied with a redstone clock. Faster cycle times correlate to more consistent power output, with 2-clocks providing a constant supply of 512 Nm at 256 rad/s (131.072kW). This engine requires a magnetized shaft core, which will gradually de-magnetize."


The AC Electric Engine requires a magnetized shaft core and an alternating redstone signal to output power equivalent to two Gasoline Engines. The core will demagnetize at a very slow rate. The redstone requirement can be fufilled by using any redstone clock available from other mods or by vanilla means, or by utilizing a Redstone Clock from Expanded Redstone.

There are no dangers associated with this engine, however if the player has a magnetized shaft core in their inventory in a short proximity of one of these engines, it will interfere with its ability to function as expected. This is only a temporary effect and the engine will function as normal as soon as player becomes out of reach or removes the core from their inventory.

Power SpecificationsEdit

Power Torque Speed
131.072 kW 512 Nm 256 rad/s
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