Handbook EntryEdit

The magnetizer uses a rapidly rotating shaft to create a magnetic field inside a shaft core. This is one of the critical components of an AC Electric Engine. It requires a redstone current and high speed.


The Magnetizing Unit is the machine that will magnetize shaft cores for use in an AC Electric Engine and Magnetic Coil Upgrades for use in upgrading a Magnetostatic Engine. Only steel and tungsten alloy shaft cores can be magnetized. A tungsten alloy core will hold magnetization for twice as long and charge twice as fast. Magnetizing a magnetic coil upgrade requires a higher amount of speed.

This machine also requires an alternating redstone current to function. This can be supplied using any type of redstone clock fast enough and a Redstone Clock is an easy way supply one. This machine can also output to a comparator with no signal when an item is inside and full signal strength when no item is inside.

Power SpecificationsEdit

Power Torque Speed Speed (Magnetic Coil Upgrade)
16.384 kW Any 8192 rad/s 32768 rad/s

Input Face: Back

Applicable Upgrade(s): Integrated Redstone Upgrade, Permanent Magnet Upgrade


  • Shaft cores inside this machine will physically appear in the machine's model.
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