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This wikia is an attempt to better document information pertaining to the mods of a Minecraft modder named Reika. You may know him for his most famous mod called RotaryCraft and more recently ChromatiCraft. If you were to google other mods such as Thermal Expansion, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, etc., you might be amazed at the shear volume of info available to you. The goal is to provide that level and quality of documentation or better for all of Reika's mods. Any assistance at all is incredibly appreciated in this endeavor.

Reika's Website - ☀https://sites.google.com/site/reikasminecraft/home

Reika's Youtube Channel - ☀https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXZrHHIUz0QUvsRrXl0hPhg

You can start exploring by clicking on the pictures in the slideshow, following the links below, or by typing in the search bar something you are looking for.

Dye Trees and Ender Forest are merged and adapted into ChromatiCraft.

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